Chemotherapy for breast cancer

Chemotherapy for breast cancer

There’s so much pink stuff everywhere that no doubt by now you are aware: breast cancer exists. But that doesn’t tell us about what to actually expect when someone we love receives what can be a very frightening diagnosis. Breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in women, after skin cancer — although […]

Hair Loss

Tips to reduce hair loss

Hey guys,today we are talking about hairloss. And this topic is actually a little bit… um, not like triggering but like – kind of. Umm… I have a lot of – of – issues, and…um scared, frightening feelings about losing my hair and… it’s, it’s a scary feeling. So, I started testosteronein 2010 – alright, […]


Common nutrition myths

Today we’re going to tackle some common nutrition myths my colleagues here at Yule HQ have come up with some nutrition myths that they’ve commonly heard and they’ve written them down they’re on on these cards here and I haven’t read them before so I’m just going to read them out and then talk about […]