Hair Loss

Tips to reduce hair loss

Hey guys,today we are talking about hairloss. And this topic is actually a little bit… um, not like triggering but like – kind of. Umm… I have a lot of – of – issues, and…um scared, frightening feelings about losing my hair and… it’s, it’s a scary feeling. So, I started testosteronein 2010 – alright, so that’s almost seven years ago. And I… I, I was really scared to lose my hair in the beginning and I actually went off of testosterone after being on for a year because I was so scared to lose my hair, like that was one of the reasons why.

So I… I, I decided to go off and a couple months later – like eight to ten months later I went back on because I didn’t pass anymore and I just – knew that I needed to be on testosterone. So I was going to deal with the whole hair loss thing. Well, my hair started to fall out really – like too much for me to be okay with. So about a year and a half, oh I guess it might have been two years now, I don’t even know when but I asked my doctor to prescribe me medications so that I could not lose my hair; because, yeah – whatever! You could say I’m not losing my hair and I’m fine and I still have hair.

But I’m too scared. I feel like I’m – it’s too far back and I feel like it’s even going more far back now and I have so much anxiety now that I’ve just looked at it. And it’s like the same thing on the other side and I have – whatever. So I would like to keep my hair because to me, YES, yes I okay I get it – we don’t get to pick and choose what we get from testosterone. Yes – we don’t get to Um, not want to lose our hair – or like want to be male and, but not have hair loss that comes with it. I get it, it’s a thing that comes with being male – I GET IT. But no. You know why? Because I’ve only been seen as being um, male for less than seven years and it’s not fair that at seven years old, I would be losing my hair. Do you see what I’m talking about? It’s not fair that I’ve only lived as my true self and I’m already losing my hair.

I would like to have a full head of hair for a bit longer – like wait until I’m in my thirties, like late thirties or something. Like, damn. Anyways, so I asked my doctor to prescribe hair loss – um – medication. So I am on finasteride – which is the no name whatever, generic brand of propecia. So I take it every day and it doesn’t help your hair re-grow but it does help your hair to stop falling out as quickly. Um, I know people are gonna be like ‘but you dye your hair obviously that’s why your hair falls out’. Listen toot. ‘Kay, I use Manic Panic. It’s vegan, it’s super good – it doesn’t affect my hair. The only thing that might mess my hair up a bit is bleaching but I have followed the instructions completely I don’t bleach more than… Twi-, more than once every six weeks. I take care of my hair and my hair is still very soft, some people think it’s not soft just because it pokes out to the side.

I just have a bad hair cut that’s it. My hair is super duper soft, like I take good care of this thing. ‘Kay? On top of my head. It just really sucks that I have to like, worry about that. And I know that stress is a big hair loss um, factor – and that really sucks because I am a person who is very stressed out often and that really sucks. Um, but, I need to get my anxiety in control and I need to start to be able to breath a little more and figure out what the hell is causing my anxiety so much and just try to figure that out. I’m sorry, I’m having a really hard time – I’m on new medication right now for my anxiety.

I don’t know if it’s helping but every time I take it I get this huge headache like right in the middle of, like – right here. And it’s so painful. And I feel like I’m very dizzy and such. This medication it’s like – it’s, it’s I don’t even know if it’s working but. Anyways, I’m on too many medications. But, I’m just really trying to get my anxiety under control um, so that I can stop stressing out so much. So that my hair can – maybe, it will affect it, and I really do think that it does affect it because when I’m more stressed out I can tell that a little more hair falls out.

Like hair still falls out when you’re on finasteride but I guess not as much as if you didn’t have finasteride. Anyways, that’s my little thing for this week. It’s not much because I tried to – what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna watch the other guys do for hair loss because really this is about like, what to do to avoid hair loss I guess. And me, I’m I don’t know many people who are on finasteride but I’m on it so that’s cool that I’m able to talk about it. I’ve never really talked about it on my channel beacuse I’m not ready to like go into a big explanation of what it does and all that fun stuff. But anyways. Hope you have a great week I’ll see you later. Bye!.

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