Hair Loss

Hair loss in men, what you should know about it

Hair insecurity is something that a lot of men feel and almost none talk about. – 30% of men suffer from hair loss by the age of 30. That’s a lot of guys. The people I hang out with, nobody talks about hair. They’re uncomfortable with the idea of balding because they expect that I’m uncomfortable with it. – They feel like there’s no options at all – They’re like whatever, it happens, I’m gonna bald, look at my dad.

It was just weighting on my self confidence. – I think that we need to down to the root of this problem. – I noticed hair loss for me when I was 27. My wife told me I have a bald spot in the back. – When did she tell you, you have a bald spot? – She just told me this last night. – To think it’s the first time this is initially addressed, like this is something that is real. I was coming to this video. – Self analysis. Don’t be scared to take a look at it. – I ignored it for a long time. So, I showed you photos of me in college and you’re like oh yeah I can see it started there and I’m like what, no it didn’t. – The earlier you discover it, the better chance you have of preventing it. What’s your perception of hair loss and why it happens? – They say it might happen from the mothers’ father side. – False, genetics on both sides. So, you’re literally rolling the dice.

Do your proper research. Look at your parents, look at your grandparents. Have you ever done research? – I don’t think that I have. – Why is that? – It’s because of that inedibility, nothing that I do is going to stop it. – Men suffer from something called Androgenetic Alopecia. Men usually bald on top of their crown area, in the frontal lobe to the back. It’s kind of like that Friar Tuck look. – What you tell me is that it’s testosterone that’s blocking the area. Yes. So, I’m too much of a man, that’s the problem here. – Oh God, here we go. It’s DHT that causes it, which is a type of hormonal testosterone. It’s hair miniaturization that basically closes the follicle. – I’ve just kind of given up. – We’re here today to discover what we can do for you. – I’d love that. Self analysis will lead in to hair scriptions. – We have a mutual friend and you do his hair. His hair is fantastic and I’m like I what that. I’m going to corner you and I am going to get your secrets.

– As far as hair scription is concerned, you’re saying like how easy it is. – I’m happy applying a cream to my head twice a day. I have a pill that supports strong hair growth. Something that adds two minutes to my morning routine. – My hairline wasn’t magically reappearing, but it was slowing down the process. – A huge avenue that people like to explore besides surgery, is a laser comb. – Laser comb? – Right, the density in their hair is a lot more than what we started with. – Propecia, I tried it. It was fine in the beginning, but I noticed my sex drive and my energy were lower than normal. – You were really great at making sure I understood how and why I style my hair a certain way.

There’s an old myth of lets just keep growing your hair out and then we will cover the areas of concern. – Sort of trying to press it into place as much as possible. – You don’t see the spots or the receding parts.Walk me through your hair routine. – It’s an old ancient technique of water and a comb. – I feel that I need to find a style that works with it because it’s thinning. – I think that you can definitely rock different looks. – Within seconds, your whole entire begin kind of just changed and shifted. – I looked good. – When people look at you, you’re look straight onto them. Anything that’s shorter tighter here, will focus on their jawline, will focus on their eyes so that it eliminates the focus on any hair loss. We are going to try anything possible besides surgery. I had a couple friends that have done hair restoration. There’s only a handful of people that actually know that I’ve gotten surgery. – Wait, so today… – Yeah, I’m not embarrassed of it, I was able to find something that really fit my budget, and did what I want.

They took the hair follicles from the back of my head and placed them at the front. After that, eight, nine months, you start getting your hair growing back. I fixed what the issue was and now I’m preventing. Some guys don’t care. But, if they care, you should ideally have a stylist that you trust. – I think it’s important for guys to not only have a open conversation with each other and be honest each other, and be hey, I’m noticing something, maybe you should check it out or go see a stylist, because they really know what they’re doing. – As where sort of talking about it and embracing it, we can share the tips we are sharing right now. Which I would never have ever found without just having a conversation. So, this is positive hair, positive person, – [David] Yes.

love it. – I looked at it as a haircut I wish I always had. You look 10 years younger. – Wow, hey. Hey, wow! – What do you think? our head is a square. Wow! – Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. – There’s no shame in going bald and if you are that’s fine. – Yeah. – I think it’s also important to know there are things you can do about it and that if it’s something that make you fell better, take action..

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